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Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

What Not To Do After Eyebrow Embroidery

Now that you have your eyebrow embroidery done, the real work starts in order to ensure that your eyebrows will heal well and that the embroidery lasts longer. Firstly, rather than telling you what to do, we’d much rather tell you what NOT to do after your eyebrow embroidery session. Here’s our list of 13 things not to do after your eyebrow embroidery:

1. For 48 hours, stay away from the sauna, swimming, hot showers, exercise, and water

In short, avoid getting your eyebrows wet with sweat or water for the first two days. To cleanse your face, gently wipe with a damp face towel instead of splashing water directly onto your face.

2. During the healing process, stay away from standing directly under the shower head

Similar to item no.1, avoid getting your face drenched wet for the first 48 hours after your eyebrow embroidery.

3. Until it is totally healed, refrain from using any eyebrow makeup

Seeing your freshly-embroidered eyebrows that are usually red and inflamed may make you want to apply a bit of eyebrow makeup to make it look better. DON’T! Leave your eyebrows alone and makeup-free for at least two weeks after your embroidery session.

4. For two weeks, refrain from rubbing, peeling, or scrubbing your eyebrows

As they heal, your eyebrows may feel a little itchy and you may feel tempted to ease that itch. Resist tampering with your eyebrows until the scabs fall off by themselves.

5. Avoid sleeping with your face down

This may be a no-brainer, but sleeping face-down will inevitably rub your eyebrows against the pillow and aggravate the itch, delaying healing. Sleep on your back at all costs.

6. Keep your eyebrows clean and oil-free

Twice a day, gently wipe your eyebrows with a damp cloth or wet tissue to keep them clean and oil-free.

7. For the following seven days, it is natural for your eyebrows to ‘crack’ and scab; do not pick at them

Hands-off at all costs!

8. Don’t try to lighten your eyebrows with concealer or powder

After embroidery, it’s typical for your brows to appear darker and thicker for a few days.

9. Do not use any items containing citric acid or bleach on your brows

Lay off whitening or retinol-based skincare products until your eyebrows heal.

10. Never scratch your eyebrows or peel off the scabs yourself

During the healing process, it’s normal for your brows to feel a bit scratchy. To relieve any discomfort, merely dab it with a piece of damp cloth.

11. For a month, try to stay away from facials and chemical peels

You can reschedule your facial treatment after your eyebrows have healed.

12. Avoid food you’re allergic to

For two weeks, it’s best to stay away from shellfish if you have sensitive skin.

13. Don’t panic

Your initial brow embroidery may turn out lighter than you had anticipated because of the presence of your natural hues and pigmentation. Every person experiences this, and a touch-up is typically needed after a month.


Your newly-embroidered eyebrows may feel irritated and a bit itchy for the first one to two weeks after your embroidery session. This is no reason to panic, rest assured that this will all pass in due time and you will soon enjoy the feng shui benefits of darker and more pronounced eyebrows. For now, hands off your eyebrows and let them heal naturally!