Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

How your eyebrows affect your Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese believe that the eyebrows reflect one’s fortune. It is then believed that the more lush, well-groomed and thick one’s eyebrows are, so their wealth and fortune will also be. This is especially true for men. For generations, strong influential Chinese men have been depicted with bold features with thick, dark eyebrows. 

In the real world, however, not many of us are naturally blessed with the thick and dark eyebrows of ancient Chinese generals of old. Luckily, we can still achieve this by opting for eyebrow embroidery.

How does eyebrow embroidery affect one’s Feng Shui?

People modify their eyebrows in several ways. They pluck, trim, shape, and colour their brows without realising how important these are in protecting them from being tricked or experiencing physical or emotional harm. In truth, It is best to avoid touching your eyebrows because they are your strongest form of defence. The height of Feng Shui folly is plucking or, worse, cutting off eyebrows to make a fake brow.

According to Feng Shui, the best defence against bad luck is a set of bushy brows. Additionally, they should be dark, spanning from all hues of brown to black, but be careful not to overdraw them. If your brows need shaping, make the inside broader and the end narrower, but stay away from overarching them. They should have a slight arch rather than being perfectly straight. Look at the bushy, black brows of rising Chinese actor Song Wei Long; they have great Feng Shui, which is demonstrated by his success in the entertainment industry.

You don’t need to be involved in show business to benefit from a pair of lush-looking brows. Men with careers in sales, property/real estate, insurance and banking are also known to enjoy great success, as influenced by the groomed appearance of their eyebrows.  

Not many are aware but the lifeline in palmistry is comparable to the eyebrow in physiognomy, which is known as the “保寿官” (bao shou guan, organ of longevity). It depicts a person’s luck between the ages of 31 and 34. While a long brow denotes longevity, a short brow, like a short life line, does not always imply a brief existence.

The bond between brothers and sisters is symbolised by the term “兄弟官” (xiong di guan, organ of brothers), which is also used to refer to the eyebrow. In men, the left eyebrow denotes brothers and the right, sisters; in women, the opposite is true. Large eyebrows typically indicate a deep love for one’s siblings, whereas little ones indicate a lack of fidelity. In today’s society, eyebrow length primarily symbolises one’s attitude toward friends: long brows imply many friends, whereas small brows indicate few.

The eye is the window to the heart, while the eyebrow represents one’s character and disposition. One’s brows can reveal their knowledge, cognitive ability, and behavioural tendencies. The tip denotes sense, whereas the brow denotes sensibility. The arrow-shaped brow denotes a lack of emotional intelligence whereas the loose tip denotes problems in life

The eyebrow also denotes rank, therefore, good-looking eyebrows are typically associated with status and prosperity. In the meantime, eyebrows serve as a representation of the arms; bushier brows denote higher strength, while fractured brows imply a chance of breaking one’s arms.


No matter what the natural shape and thickness of your eyebrows are, you can always enhance them accordingly to attract good luck and wealth. 

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